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After our open house tonight, meal plans for January will be entirely based on cheese, crackers and preserved meat. Thanks all for coming.

Ok, it's December 23. Time for those husbands who haven't learned yet to start shopping. For those of us who have learned better, cheers!

Time to make some homemade pizza dough. That's right! It's pizza night.

At a screening of The Hobbit courtesy of Graycon and Avaya. Should be good!

Tomorrow my wonderful daughter comes home after her first semester away at university! Can't wait to see her.

Public service announcement: 12 Days of Beermas boxes now in stock at Sherbrooke Liquor Store.

To people attending the JP Fiset meet, some bottom feeders robbed a number of cars at the pool tonight. Stow away your valuables.

So ulcerative colitis is hereditary. Apparently gout is a side effect of UC. Gout is also a side effect of the medicine I take to not have UC. I am currently taking gout out for a test run. So far I don't recommend it. In fact it's the most painful thing I've ever experienced.

So far, ITIL is every IT-related word, with "Management" added to it, with 3 to 8 quasi-random wordy bullet points associated to each one.

Road trip to Calgary for a few days for some ITIL training.