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When the number of computers is six times higher than the number of people in your house, you may have a problem. Plus iThings.

Well that was a holy crap swim by the Oakland University girls 4x200 free relay team at the Horizon League championships!

We're having a Friday evening in, watching Emily and her Oakland U Golden Grizzlies dish it out at the Horizon League Swimming Champs.

So happy it's Friday. Not happy I have to work all day tomorrow, but my whole team's working this weekend so I can't complain too much.

Nothing like a little red on the face from my Valentine's Day straight razor shave to remind me I love a good shave. Luckily cuts from such a sharp blade don't hurt.

Prediction: In 2115 people will think of Jenny McCarthy the way we think of Typhoid Mary now. Discuss.

Thank you Nature, for that beautiful, protective crystalline coating on my car this morning. Next time could you not freeze the doors shut?

New homemade firewall built using pfsense! Next step: Whole-home ad blocking.

Swim meet's done for the day. Keyano's putting on a good meet. Time for a cold one.

Team effort in the kitchen tonight: I'm making the filling and Jenn's making the pastry for turkey pies.